Evercare Beauty Salon Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2009.

Our business vision is to create a homely and relaxed feeling for our valued customers who seek treatments with us.
We strongly believe and adhere the philosophy of Beauty from 3 phases:
Beauty from Within (skin deep), External exuding it and also radiating beauty Emotionally, feeling joy and beautiful.

In these short five years, with the objective of striving to satisfy each and every of our customers, we continue to grow.
Sincere appreciation to our valued customers for their ardent support and word- of- mouth.

Our popular treatments include face threading, eyebrow embroidery, creative eyebrow, skin care, body care.
We look forward to be of service to you to enhance your beauty.

Evercare Beauty Salon Pte Ltd 成立于2009年。

本公司坚持走进「Evercare Beauty 就有家的感觉」的企业文化。秉承’外在美、内在美、精神美’三面美容的经营理念。
在短短的5年间Evercare Beauty以’一切为顾客着想’的经营宗旨在不断的成长。

我们主要以面部脱毛,绣眉,创意眉,护肤,身体护理 …为您打造更完美的自己。

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