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  • Eyebrow Shaping
5 mins S$ 50
  • Eyebrow Trimming
10 mins S$ 10
  • Eyebrow Treading
10 mins S$ 10
  • Eyebrow Embroidery
40-120 mins S$ 380
S$ 190
  • Creative Eyebrow
60-100 mins S$ 280-580
S$ 140 – 290
  • 3D Creative Eyebrow
60-120 mins S$ 580-880
S$ 290 – 440
  • 4D Creative Eyebrow
100-150 mins S$ 680-1280
S$ 340 – 640
  • 5D (Korea Technology)
120-150 mins S$ 980-1380
S$ 490 – 690
  • 6D Creative Eyebrow
120-150 mins S$ 1380-1680
S$ 690 – 840
  • 6D (Latest Technology)
30 mins S$ 2180
S$ 1090
  • Eyebrow Alteration
30 mins S$ 280-580
  • Eyelash Extension
30-90 mins S$ 58-150
  • Embroidery Enhancement
30 mins S$ 680-880


Prices are Subjected to Changes from Oct 2015.
Please check by calling us 6345 5338 for updates and arrangement of appointments.


1) EyeBrow Embroidery

Using the latest advanced technology, we create 3D eyebrows for you that looks like fine hairs on the eyebrows.
This is achieved as we used hair like strokes on your skin and hence creating a natural look that will frame your eyes.
This technique enhance the looks and thickness of your eyebrows and make your eyes more defined.
The best part is that it has no down time and it will last you at least a good one year without having to draw your eyebrows
again. You only need to go for touch- up after a year if you find your eyebrows getting lighter in colour.

2) 3D EyeLash Extension

Who does not love a little more volume and luxurious glamour to our eyelash?
Using natural fiber hair, we can create natural looking ones or put in fuller, more dramatic VaVaVroom to your eyelash for
the date nights.
Our trained beauty technicians will advise you how to better take care of your eye lash extensions after the treatment.

3) EyeLiner Enhancement

Our eyeliner enhancement looks natural and brightens up the window of your soul.
With this, your eyes stand out more with definition and you get to look refreshed 24/ 7 without having to painfully draw
your eyeliner every single morning before you head for work.

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